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The aim of the institution is to give pupils an all round education, moral, academic, social & physical, based on high ideals and principles. The pupils are expected to play their part in life and to appreciate true refinement and culture, especially the culture of our own country, but above all stress is laid on good conduct character formation, commitment to justice liberation of the poor and the oppressed.


The definition of school of education for humanism rests upon the two terms school and perfection, while school points up to regrouping of discipline to promote flexibility in curriculum that can make education suit need, ability and means of learner, Perfection emphasizes the refusal to compromise on quality as it shall be evident in the advancement of knowledge. The motto, therefore, is an invitation of keep striving for the best for excellence in studies and all other training imparted or received to make the student perfect human beings. So, When a Xavierian leaves school after STD. Xll he/she is ready to face to the world with an all rounded personality, strong values, and confidence.

Our School History

Establishing English medium school based on CBSE pattern is an innovative concept to meet the academic need of the children and equip them to expose their internal skill in the present developed academic system. With such noble nation, Rahimtullah Mohammed educational trust opted for setting up a school at Brahmanjharilo, Raipur, Cuttack with a caption ST. Xavier’s high school (Goa Group) and it was opened up and inaugurated 04.04.2013 by Prof. Pramod ku. Mallick, honorable M.L.A Niali. Since then our school has been running with sufficient strength of students, qualified and trained teachers and requisite infrastructure. Our school is situated adjacent to the straight highway (Niali Madhaba high way) which is at equidistance from twin city Cuttack & Bhubaneswar (6 km away from fulnakhara square). The school has a lovely garden in school premises with colorful building meant for classrooms, auditorium, library, computer lab, science lab, playing hub, Dollhouse, smart classrooms, music & dance classroom, yoga, fine art and fulfilling all norms and terms ethics teaching room laid down by Govt. of Odisha as well as CBSE New Delhi, India. Our school has obtained a certificate of Recognition vide recognization code no allotted as COR/ CTC-140/2022 With effect from Dt. 01.04.2022 to Dt- 31.03.2027 for a period of 5 years. Within a span of 5 years, the academic progress of our school is up to the satisfaction of parents because our school is with students strength of near about 1150.Our school is managed by a Staff of 54teachers and 15 other professionals.
Apart from our students have proved their talency and merit at different district, State & national level competition in respect of academic & co-curricular activities as well. A school management committee comprising of learned educationist, social activists, senior citizen and persons with experience in different socio-cultural fields, whose brain & intelligence quotient have positive assets for the prospect & progress of our institution.


What Our President says about Our School

“The goal of Education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover to create men who are capable of doing new things”

We strongly believe that every student is a unique person with his or her own set of abilities, needs, and aspirations. We at Xavier’s are committed to bringing out that uniqueness. Besides academic excellence, the school is committed to inculcating in all its students, strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness, and respect for elders. I firmly believe that education should foster confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision-making ability to set and achieve goals, and above all, social responsibility as a life-long process. We bring excellence in learning, training, and placements. Our students are groomed to think out of the box and engulf articulation, innovation, and teamwork.

Whether you participate as a member on our committees, as a conference/webinar presenter or as a newcomer who would like to know more, I strongly encourage you to join in.

I truly appreciate your support in the coming year and the opportunity to serve as President. Finally, thank you, all of you, for the tremendous work you are doing.

Some Messages

Some Of Our Management and Supporter Messages


We are living in a world of high international competition among the nations for their development. The language English is treated as a vanguard for international prosperity. English medium school is the need of the hour for making a proper platform where the nation can be built by imparting quality education to the students. ST. Xavier’s High school which has been established at Brahmanjharilo in the year 2013 bears a secular prospect and it has been running as a temple of learning, a mosque of knowledge and a church of wisdom.

I express my heartfelt thanks to the authority and management for their endeavor and effort for setting up a quality English medium school in the rural area.

I wish all future prospect of the school as a man making an institution.

Prof (Dr) Pramod kumar mallick
Honourable M.L.A, Niali

English is a window language. It has become an international language of trade & commerce. Considering the demand of the present days, quality English medium school can serve the propose along with Odia school of our state. ST. Xavier’s High school at Brahmanjharilo which has been established in the year 2013 is an emerging institution to provide education to rural based students. It is situated adjacent to Niali madhab state High-way, just seven kilometers away from fulnakhara square. The school has got lovely infrastructure with qualified and efficient teachers to attain the alround development of body, mind and soul for the students. I wish all prosperity of this institution.

Secretary’s Name

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

Today, the children of our country face a more challenging and competitive environment. So, it becomes imperative to balance academic rigor, co-curricular activities, and extra-curricular activities for the overall development of a student.The most important process to attain this goal is to pursue a value based education system. This method involves tending to the emotional, physical, social and cultural needs of every student.

Through our unique collaborative approach to learn, we are helping schools, students, teachers, and families. At our non-profit organization, our team is dedicated to educating first. Our goal is to provide every student the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential.

Notes Of District Education Officer

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